Freerolls and Lungs a-Poppin’

It’s 12:46am and I’m currently playing a freeroll on Cakepoker. I’m doing reasonably well, I think . . . earlier tonight (well, last night, given that it’s past midnight), I got a royal flush in another room (see below).

My first royal

I have to work tomorrow, but can’t; my left lung has collapsed. This collapsing lung business isn’t a Big Deal anymore. These days, they just thread a tube attached to a dongle (they call it a Heimlich) into the chest through a small incision and “it’s Miller time.”


Because it’s no big deal, I’m going to see how things are in an hour; it hurts, but mildly. It’s mostly pressure, y’see, as the air from the collapse hangs around in the chest cavity.

Where the danger comes in is if the collapse is significant enough to create a situation where the pressure further collapses the lung, which results in more air in the chest (Greek: pneumothorax), resulting in further collapse, et cetera.

I’m in 12th place. 11 people get a ticket to a Saturday event via this freeroll.

1:15am: 11th of 28, now. Skin of the teeth stuff.

With the pressure->collapse->pressure issue comes the possibility of collateral damage
. . . the other lung collapsing, or lots of pressure on the heart leading to cardiac arrest. Or something.

1:24am: 4th place.

1:27am: 3rd place, on break.

So, why is it No Big Deal? The Heimlich, I guess. It’s basically an outpatient procedure, instead of the Very Big Deal it was 12 years ago. Then, they took a pinkie-sized tube and rammed it ‘twixt yer ribs, then hooked it up to whatever the medical equivalent of a Shop-Vac is.

1:48am: 2nd of 12.

1:49am . . . doesn’t matter. 11 of us move on.

CakePoker Freeroll win

Anyway, should you not see any posts here for a few days, it could be ’cause things got weird. No posts in over a week means I probably won’t be around to de-spam the comments anymore. Should this occur, in lieu of flowers send someone around to re-roof the house. 🙂