No doubt you’ll remember the recent wave of trojan-laden spam which is still trickling in.

I have a theory about what the Peacomm trojan’s been up to.

At 3:36am EDT, the floodgates opened and this site (and no doubt several million others) was bombed with comment spam.  For the next half-hour (exactly), 47 comments — all containing links to one of 5 sites on — were posted here.  Some of the IPs involved were:

What does all this mean to the average Joe/Josie?  Very little, I imagine, unless you click one of the links.  The addresses and text indicate they lead to pornographic writing, though I wouldn’t bet on it; if you went to the time and trouble of setting up a world-wide botnet, would you use it to drive traffic to dirty stories?

Only, I imagine, if the web pages either contain code to add aspiring pervs’ computers to the Borg collective, or contain a load of pay-per-impression ads . . . and that business model was dropped a day or two after it was implemented.

The only thing I can think of which obviates the theory is the small number; only 47 computers (including those from at least one LAN).
More on this as the morons phish.