Two Quick Ones

Some relatively recent stuff from around th’ big blue orb:

1. North Korea agrees to shut down its nuclear weaponry program in 6-nation talks in exchange for aid, release of seized assets and other considerations.

    This is a(n) historic event. Seriously; it will appear on modern history tests in a few years. With any luck, its a foot in the door to an eventual opening of the border ‘twixt the two Koreas. The link above, incidentally, leads to the agreement’s text on

    2. Salmonella! It’s not just for spinach, tomatoes and green onions any more. This week, we discovered that cantaloupes and peanut butter can make you sick, too.

    Well, sir — I remember a time when you could eat food and not have liquid subsequently hurl itself from orifices upper and lower. We digested our food . . . and we liked it.