Welcome to 2008, Whomever You Are

I imagine you’re aware that the year changed. Famously, this is noted by whack-jobs in New York City looking in abject glee at a big lighted ball crawling down a pole in Times Square. As they’ve been doing it for a century (judging by Dick Clark, alone), much of North America is content to watch along with ’em. I don’t see the attraction, but there must be something thrilling about it all — throw me a note or comment if you have a reasonable explanation for all the hoo-haw.

Speaking of comments, WiseandFoolish gets about 150 or so spam ‘comments’ daily. Happily, I typically don’t have to deal with them; Akismet, a life-saving WordPress plug-in, just shovels the digital feces into a ‘Caught Spam’ section, which can be viewed (if necessary) and trashed in a second. Highly recommended.

After poring over W&F‘s 2007 logs, I’ve come to the realization that no-one’s reading this. I’m not completely convinced of this, but I do suspect most — if not all — of this site’s ‘hits’ are spambots. There are advantages to this . . . I could run a contest, for instance, and keep the prize. ‘Bots have been known to enter contests, however, and I don’t want to have to ship a prize to a dark alley in China’s Hunan province.

I think instead over the next few months I’ll scan and post some of my published work from the 1980s and ’90s.

That’ll fix ’em.