Peace Out, Redux

Fifty years go by like nothing . . . and so it is with the famed peace sign, whose 50th anniversary was recently observed.

. . .

Filipino Good Friday re-enactors have been admonished by local health officials to get tetanus inoculations before

a) flagellating themselves, and
b) having nails hammered into their hands and feet while tied to crosses.
They also recommend that the whips utilized be hygienic and “well-maintained.” Good advice all around.

. . .

Take Pork Off Your Fork?

Almost 10 per cent of packaged pork chops and ground pork purchased by researchers in four Canadian provinces were infected with MRSA — Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus — a ‘super’ bacterium once primarily seen in hospitals.

The good news? MRSA doesn’t survive cooking. Providing pork is properly cooked (no pink within) and properly handled prior to cooking (wash your hands after touching any raw meat — especially pork and chicken — or use an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer), eating your chops and porkburgers shouldn’t kill you.

Better news? Pork roasts purchased by the researchers were uninfected.

. . .

Happy Easter, y’all. 🙂