Signs and Wonders?

The extremely unusual is going on. And not all of it is Canadian.

Ordinarily, these copyright-kinda things blow over, but this won’t; too many Canadians associate the song with the sport. Problematically — and probably why television network CTV bought the song’s rights in perpetuity — two generations of Canadians associate the song with CBC’s television and radio hockey broadcasts.
Is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation going to take this lying down? Probably.

  • Example two: Lynda Carter — the 1970s Amazon ‘Wonder Woman‘ to her friends — was canoeing on the Potomac when she sighted a floating body and had the presence of mind to enlist the aid of nearby fishermen in contacting authorities.

Ms Carter mentioned she didn’t have a cellphone, but doesn’t the invisible canoe have a powerful invisible communications system?

  • Example three: Apple Inc. has taken their expensive iPhone and have

a) made it twice as fast, and

b) made it affordable(!).

No kidding. Check it out!