Some Decent Twits About Town

I can’t help but mention here a few artists whose work I’ve been viewing while coughing like crazy on the couch.

Fellow Canuck and National Film Board booster (he works there — I just admire their work) Matt Forsythe has been noticed by more than one group of award-bestowing folk of late. His book Ojingogo (about a girl and her squid, printed by Drawn and Quarterly) is under consideration for a Reuben (not the sandwich), as well as a Doug Wright Awards’ Pigskin Peters Award. Kate Beaton‘s extraordinary History Comics is up for the DWA’s Best Emerging Talent.

I’ve just started enjoying Anders Loves Maria (by Swedish illustrator Rene Engström) and am blown away by her brushwork, not to mention her characters. Warning: may contain nudity and coarse language. Does contain excellent writing and drawing. A precis and character bios are found here.

The expressive (but probably NSFW) pin-up work of Ramón Pérez is worth a look, if you’re not at work.

I’m not yet familiar with the Walrus‘s David Parker and Jason Sherman, but they’ve done up a fine send-up of Conrad Black here.