If I had a reader or two, they’d have noticed that WiseAndFoolish appeared to have vanished a week or three ago.

It didn’t go anywhere, really; all posts were available for viewing . . . by direct URL or RSS. If you came to W&F honestly, however, you’d see a blank screen.

I was using an older version of WordPress . . . one which permitted some putz to award himself admin control over W&F. Removing him from the user database was sufficient to delouse W&F, but I somehow managed to blank the site’s home page.

I actually managed to damage the site’s theme, thus no pretty pictures, no HTML, nada.

During the perceived downtime, no-one mentioned anything. I intended to let W&F stay as-is ’til somebody did. But then, we’d still be waiting . . .

Despite all that, something good came of it (in addition to my upgrading to the latest WordPress version): No spam.

No kidding. No spam for however long the site’s main page was blank.

As earlier mentioned, all of W&F was up and accessible during this time, indicating spammers’ scripts use home page links to do their dirty work, but aren’t ‘smart’ enough to recover from a ‘where the hell did the links at this URL go’ error.

I’ve been thinking of changing the home page here to something more cartoonist-y. We’ll see.