Got Linux? Android?

SoftMaker Software GmbH is an independent subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. They’re the folks behind SoftMaker — an office suite similar to Microsoft Office — and, a site those in the know visit at least once monthly to download a free font.

August’s free font, incidentally, is Deko Black. All the fonts — and there are many — at Freefont are provided in OpenType PS and TrueType formats. Remember: Only one selected font is free per month; the rest are sold in similarly-themed bundles.

New also this month is a Linux beta version of SoftMaker Office 2012, free to download and enjoy. SoftMaker Office reads and writes Microsoft Office 2010 files, so if Open Office is dragging you down, you might find this of some interest.

SoftMaker Office Mobile for Android is nearing release — if you’d like to see how an office suite works on your non-Apple smartphone, now’s your chance to get the beta.