Events and Passages

As fall starts thinking of rolling around, people — it seems — start to fall away.

Yesterday, I read of an arguably successful director/producer who ended it all by throwing himself from a Los Angeles bridge . . . ostensibly because he had brain cancer (according to ABC News), though there’s currently some disagreement about that.  Few would doubt that Tony Scott — brother of Ridley — was successful; remember ‘The Hunger’? ‘Top Gun’? ‘Enemy of the State’?

[Cinematographically sublime, the makeup on 1983’s The Hunger was brilliant; David Bowie’s character was aged such that he was made to look pretty much as he looks today . . . ]

Rose O’Donnell — Elmo fan extraordinaire — had a significant (ie: 99 per cent blockage) heart attack, and is very, very lucky to still be drawing breath.

Not so lucky, but — given her 1917 birth — blessed with a good, long kick at the can, Phyllis Diller  . . . one of the first, and arguably the most influential comedienne ever . . . died today. I’d seen her relatively recently on Roseanne’s Nuts, a reality show involving Roseanne Barr and Johnny Argent, and she was every bit the firebrand she was in her prime.