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When I go through the logs of this site, I see several things. Content scrapers repeatedly drop in to steal articles and illustrations to sell to anyone fool enough to buy from them; script-run spammers attempt to post comments with links to fool Google into thinking their sites have some inherent value; occasionally, there’s a bingo trying to crack my admin password.

For these, I’ve installed CrudArrest — a highly recommended WordPress plugin — and have been very impressed with its operation (such that I’ve removed a few plugins I’d previously been using for the same purpose). You can see the number of blocks the plugin has made in the past few months in the blue box to the right of this post. If you have a WordPress blog, you want this.

Undesired traffic aside, I’ve also seen legitimate folks drop by, referred by Google (and Yahoo, and Bing) to investigate cartoons and whatnot they’ve seen in their searches. I’m going to rescan the most popular of these and repost them in a larger size; the Bre-X cartoon, specifically, has fine lines, and the tiny GIF I’d made of it just doesn’t work. ¬†Look for these in upcoming posts.