This Week in June

As you likely suspected, those drivers screaming at their windshields have issues.  The DSM-IV calls this Intermittant Explosive Disorder, and — if you extrapolate the figures in the linked study at the Archives of General Psychiatry, there are a lot of folks making those funny faces.

But the headcase who wants you dead because he failed to pass you on the right most likely has nothing on June’s winner of the ‘Mensch of the Month’ award, Mr Alofa Time of Boise, Idaho.  Mr Time allegedly murdered his ex-wife, detached her head, plunked it into the back of his pickup, then went for a drive.

And they say cell phones distract drivers.

The head was subsequently thrown from his pickup when the 51-year-old drove head-on into an oncoming car, killing the driver and her 4-year-old daughter, and injuring (and orphaning) another daughter.

 . . .

Someone, somewhere, came up with a ringtone adults can’t hear.  I, for one, applaud this, but would like the phenomenon extended.  Re-record all rap (from, say, the early ’90s on), hip-hop and boy-band “music” into those higher pitches and replace soundtracks in movies and advertising, and playlists of the same genre on radio.

Those of us who’ve suffered through two decades of ballcaps and bad music will thank you.

 . . .