Poker for the Broke

It’s one thing to be cheap, it’s another to be flat-out broke. One thing you discover after playing on-line for cash is that playing for funny-money just doesn’t do it for you, any more.

But what if you haven’t any cash at all?

Fortunately, most poker rooms have freerolls, but — as I mentioned earler — those often tend to be complete madhouses (PartyPoker’s eight-thousand-plus-participant freerolls noticeably drag down performance on their end). provides an interesting alternative, wherein if you can beat 19 others, you’ll win a dollar. No big deal, certainly, but enough to set you up for their weekly Turbo Ten Cent Tournament (with rebuys, should you wipe out early).

But there’s a catch: You don’t face the 19 all at once, but rather in three steps.

‘Buy-ins’ to this are obtained with $100 funny-money, of which you’re suitably equipped. If you’ve blown it all, you can reload up to $500, daily. This funny-money buy-in gets you an entry coupon to the tournament.

When you have beaten the other five

participants, you win an entry to the second step . . . and five other players who also obtained a FUNSTEP2 coupon.
A coupon to FUNSTEP3

When you beat them, there are nine others left — nine participants who, like you, beat two tables of players to get to FUNSTEP3. The winner of FUNSTEP3 gets one American dollar awarded to their account.

Easy money? Not necessarily. If you’re one of the losing players at any of FUNSTEP1, -2 or -3, you have to start again at FUNSTEP1 and repeat your wins. Again. And, most likely, yet again. It may be the hardest dollar you ever win, but you will find it does wonders in honing your poker skills.