Baby Wanna LAN-drop?

What is it about babies and computers?

My first daughter could — without any parental aid — de-ball a mouse before she learned to drool.

Before she talked in sentences, she managed to kill beyond resurrection the computer it was attached to . . . just by typing gibberish at the keyboard.
My son, a few months past his first birthday, tonight managed to put Windows . . . the entire operating system . . . sideways. I didn’t know it was possible . . . much less how to replicate it . . . ’til I researched it.

You have to get a few menu levels deep into the video card driver software to accomplish this. Attempting to correct the issue while the display is sideways confuses sincerely; making sense of the mouse pointer’s movement becomes challenging, even when you adjust its position to match the display’s direction.

It’s currently fixed, and he’s disappointed. I suspect both of these states are temporary, at best.