Meanwhile . . .

The new iPod Shuffle is in stores, and is ridiculously cute (albeit it has no discernable cuddly factor). 1 gigabyte, US$79. Also from Apple, the PRODUCT (RED) iPod Nano (Apple donates $10 of the purchase price to Bono’s African AIDS charity) is now available in an 8-gigabyte model . . . days after I bought mine.

Neil Patrick Harris (‘Doogie Howser’) has informed a largely unsurprised planet that he is gay.

Reverend Ted Haggard has been given the Parson’s Punt from the New Life Church he used to head.

380 people voted on this story on Yahoo, so I gotta do it: 33-year-old Pittsburgh native John Sheehan, fresh out of prison, is likely going back Real Soon Now. He was seen near a Bay Area (California) transit station, lying naked on a tree stump indulging in auto-eroticism. Usually this is sufficient to break any parole restrictions, but Mr Sheehan had an ace up his sleeve: an awl up his rectum. No word on what Mr Sheehan was in prison for (passing bad cheeks?), but the mind boggles.