Runs at the Border

Travellers returning from China always mention the unique cuisine — wholly different from what North Americans call ‘Chinese food.’

In Zhejiang province, a gentleman managed to manufacture lard (ordinarily animal fat) out of “swill, sewage and recycled
industrial oil”
. . . with a pinch of “toxic pesticide” and sell it to retailers who resold it to restaurants, hotels and other customers.

“Sewage in lard” prompts new China health scare – Yahoo! News

 . . .

Meanwhile, a Taco Bell in New Jersey was temporarily closed by the company after 11 confirmed cases of E. coli infection dating from November 17 were determined to have had their origins there.

This was the same deadly strain of the bacterium which had earlier contaminated packaged California spinach.

No word if wild boars — blamed for the California outbreak — had been trampling through the restaurant.

Taco Bell closes New Jersey outlet after E. coli