Not a Dalek in Sight

Remember William Shatner’s classic remake of Rocket Man?

Well, Tom Baker — arguably the best Doctor Who ever* — has been mixed with the Kinks’ You Really Got Me to interesting effect. The purpose behind this is a Christmas drive for UK charities Shelter and Focus Ireland.

A teaser may be heard at British Telecom’s TextAid site, wherein lucky British subscribers can send text-to-voice messages to UK landlines in Tom Baker’s voice. Two pence from each message goes to the aforementioned charities, and BT reports the £100,000 target may well be met by Christmas.
. . .

* Recently, according to the BBC, Doctor Who Magazine reported that — after reader votes were tallied — Tom Baker was replaced by David Tennant as the best Doctor Who. A vote widget on the BBC News website, however, begs to differ . . . as do I.