Of Jim, Jay and Tammy Faye

A quick check of my logs indicates that a large percentage of visitors have popped by due to a post here entitled YAS (Yet Another Scandal).

The post in question briefly mentioned Tammy Faye Messner.  Ms Messner’s website hasn’t been updated since October, and her cancer has recently taken a bad turn.
There’s a surprising groundswell of interest in Ms Messner; from the odd pairing with Ron Jeremy on The Surreal Life 2, to the Larry King interviews, Ms Messner has managed to remain in the public eye.  Witness, if you will, ‘Big Tent: The Tammy Faye Bakker Musical‘ . . . possibly coming soon to an off-Broadway venue near you. Ex-husband Jim is preaching on television again, though in considerably reduced means from the glory days.

Jay Bakker, on the other hand, is a rising star. The son of Jim and Tammy is definitely not yer average preacher.
As a gentle means of introduction, Apple’s iTunes has an episode of Rev. Jay Bakker’s ‘One Punk Under God‘ gratis.  The six-episode documentary by the Sundance Channel will premiere on December 13th.