BPT: Bowing Out Gracefully

It’s the last Blogger Poker Tour round, hosted by the Poker Pub Poker Blog.
Within 10 minutes of the game’s beginning, I’d lost half my stack to a fella who had a lower pair than I, but whom the cards on the table better favored. This happens a lot.

By the first break, however, only 92 of the 112 remained, and I was 28th. Compared to previous rounds, this was fantastic! Now if I can only hold the seat . . .

By 4:17p I was 60th of 85, and getting a bad feeling about my continued survival. Time to improve my lot. Two pairs at the flop give me some badly-needed confidence, and things pick up.

4:22p 41st of 82 . . .

4:31p 20th of 75

4:33p 2nd of 73 (!)

4:47p 10th of 44

4:49p – Overly confident, I finished 40th to a Luvthegame’s straight.

Well, heck. No money, iPods or any other good stuff for me. Nonetheless, this round was a blast; I actually had a chance!

As I write this, Luvthegame is holding on to first with 24 players remaining. Well played, all.