2006: “That’s a Wrap”

As the brave year of 2006 closes with Saddam’s execution, Michael Boldin points out that almost 3,000 US troops (and an enormous number of Iraqi citizens) are dead for no good reason in Saddam was Right and Bush was Wrong.

. . .

The Food and Drug Administration has determined that eating cloned meat is dandy. Wouldn’t a plate of steaming replicative fading fritters go down nice, now?

Of course, if things subsequently go weird, expect more Tangy Tumorsâ„¢ and Crunchy Carcinomaâ„¢ in your drive-through dinners.

. . .

Huffing for Health Department:
Someday, people you see with paint cans and paper bags may just be huffing to shake off the ‘flu.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has managed to invent a paint that kills influenza virus and most bacteria. The paint has been tested to great success on surfaces (like washroom door handles, et cetera), but no mention was made of paper bags.

. . .

Have a happy 2007, folks.

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