Two Bozoes Down

  Both Bozo the Clown (Larry Harmon) and Jesse Helms died this week.  Some more-flattering Helms quotes may be seen in a 2001 New York Times article by Kevin Sack.   Less-flattering quotes here.  My opinion…

Signs and Wonders?

The extremely unusual is going on. And not all of it is Canadian. Example One: Hockey Night in Canada, the theme song of the weekly broadcast (entitled, as you may imagine, ‘Hockey Night in Canada’)…

Peace Out, Redux

Fifty years go by like nothing . . . and so it is with the famed peace sign, whose 50th anniversary was recently observed. . . . Filipino Good Friday re-enactors have been admonished by…

Welcome to 2008, Whomever You Are

I imagine you’re aware that the year changed. Famously, this is noted by whack-jobs in New York City looking in abject glee at a big lighted ball crawling down a pole in Times Square. As…

Monday Miscellany

Excess money? A remedy for that could be a whack of movies from United Artists. The United Artists 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection provides you with enough entertainment to last you into your dotage. . ….

That’ll Teach Her

Quick-thinking Florida school officials, seeing a 10-year-old student actually cutting her lunch with a steak knife, called police, who naturally arrested and charged the child with felony possession of a weapon on school property.

Whackjobs & Englishmen

Whackjobs & Englishmen Currently no-one’s certain why a gentleman last Sunday sought entry into a London restaurant’s kitchen to play with knives, but he managed to slice his wrist and hack off his . ….

A Few Bits

Inhaling pig brains may be bad for you . . . at least at Quality Pork in Minnesota. . . . Winona Ryder does something unspeakable to a puppet (probably NSFW) here . . ….

Death by Cell Phone

  Out of South Korea comes news that a quarry worker was killed by his LG cell phone.   – – – WiseAndFoolish recommends that folks always be nice to their cell phones. – –…

New and Noteworthy

Science Takes 13 Years to Suck all the Fun out of Checkers. (Nature) . . . Hyperspace Studios is having a Scratch Art competition for tattoo artists.  If you ink skin and know your way…