About Wednesday

On Wednesday, the van’s sway bar broke. You can drive quite comfortably with no sway bar — you tend to lean a bit on corners — but a broken sway bar is less safe; when…

It Does! No it Doesn’t! Yes, it Does!

People with grapefruit-sized brain tumors will be pleased to know that — currently, anyway — prolonged cell-phone use just might be responsible for the tumors’ appearance. Well, ’til the industries fund another report that says,…

Baby Wanna LAN-drop?

What is it about babies and computers? My first daughter could — without any parental aid — de-ball a mouse before she learned to drool. Before she talked in sentences, she managed to kill beyond…

1907: “[T]he first sterilization law in human history” was passed . . .”

A) In Wien, Austria. B) In Berlin, Germany. C) In St. Petersburg, Russia. Answer: D) Indiana, USA Read about where the Nazis got their ideas. Salon.


Oh, the weather outside blows toads I mean it really blows toads Y’wanna know what toads it blows? Esmerelda’s and Uncle Joe’s.