Open, Click and Be Assimilated

It’s been a banner few days on the spam front. In one day, I’ve received emails with these titles (and the same attachment with differing names)

Chinese missile shot down USA aircraft (Full Clip.exe)
Chinese missile shot down Russian aircraft (Full Clip.exe)
Russian missle shot down Chinese aircraft (Video.exe)
Russian missle shot down Chinese satellite (Video.exe)
Russian missle shot down USA satellite (Full Story.exe)
Sadam Hussein safe and sound! (Full Story.exe) (Full Video.exe)
Hugo Chavez dead. (Full News.exe)
Happy World Religion Day! (Greeting Postcard.exe)

The ‘Sadam’ one was the only repeated title (with differently-titled attachments)

These are all variants of the European Storm email (‘230 dead as storm batters Europe‘)

Symantec reports that the attachments are trojans — either Trojan.Peacomm or variants thereof — meant to add the computer of anyone who executes them into a peer-to-peer botnet. Once added to the network, a world of hurt is uploaded to the infected computer to turn it into a good little ‘bot.

You’d think people would know in this brave year of 2007 never to click an .exe file in their email (any attachment, really, but especially a blatant executable), but no-o-o-o . . .

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