About Wednesday

On Wednesday, the van’s sway bar broke.

You can drive quite comfortably with no sway bar — you tend to lean a bit on corners — but a broken sway bar is less safe; when mine broke, it began to dig into the driver-side tire.

I wasn’t certain of any of the above, however. I just heard a grinding sound which vanished a second after it appeared. As it happened on a highway on-ramp, I figured I ran something over.

Quite some distance — and another highway — later, the tire blew out. If you, like several hundred others, drove by me and chuckled as I was changing it, bite me.

In response to this, my wife informed me that I have bad luck. She, it turns out, drove a Suzuki Sidekick for [insert number of years I’ve forgotten] years without so much as changing tires.

Unlucky or not, this was waiting in my email when I got home:

Degree Poker waiver

I’m one of 3,000 people who won a seat at the Degree Poker Championship in Niagara Falls this May.

Things may be looking up. 🙂