Cryptoons Redux

A few posts ago, I noted that my son had dug up an old sketchbook containing political cartoons I’d drawn awhile back. I had sporadic use of a scanner back then, so — a site I started in the late ’90s to replace the Necropolis Bodybag & Smoke Shoppe (don’t ask) — displayed only a few of my cartoons.

I drew an homage to Sir John Tenneil’s caterpillar

Sir John Tenneil's Caterpillar

. . . after exams in ’94. I initially used it as the Necropolis Bodybag & Smoke Shoppe’s home page, then later modified it slightly for hennhaus’ home page:

hennhaus' home page illustration
While a certain domain name registrar is still hanging on to ‘’ (’cause Lord knows, they need the pennies they’re getting from the idiotic search links they’ve pointed the domain to), I recently discovered that I had a backup of the site’s content.


Rapper Wrapper

Rapper Wrapper
This cartoon’s 10 years old, as is most content from the site; I was a heckuva lot more prolific, then. This particular cartoon noted the East coast / West coast rapper rivalry extant in the mid-1990s.

Some other bits:

Dumb & Dumber-er

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

At different points in 1996, two rapscallions of an unsavory nature actually attempted to hold up a bank and a doughnut shop using wildlife weaponry. The third incident noted in the cartoon didn’t happen, though.

More in a subsequent post.