Online Hate
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Originally published 9/26/96

Online Hate
“We must have no non-Whites in our living space, and we must have open space around us for expansion.”

Hitler called this Lebensraum . . . living room . . . and he figured eastern Europe and Russia would be a good start. The quote above isn’t from Mein Kampf, though: it’s from the National Alliance — a site on the World Wide Web.

It’s not the only site that holds Hitleresque views. Perhaps this sounds familiar: “Non-Aryans, in particular Jews, regularly engage in activities which inhibit the life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of Aryans . . .”

Such is one of the many views held by today’s White Nationalists — views that haven’t changed markedly since the National Socialists of the 1930s, but are expounded anew with “white pride world wide.”

The ideas are old — as old as hate is — and they aren’t necessarily foreign imports. Consider the Zundelsite, which publishes the revisionist Holocaust views of Ernst Zundel. According to the site, “It is deceptive to portray them [Jews] as prime ‘victims’ of a non-existent German genocidal policy.” The deception here, it would seem, lies in the site’s attempts to negate Nazi attrocities in the Second World War. There is no shortage of these sites on the Web, and virtually every one that pops up lists links to like-minded sites. Heritage Front, Aryan Nations, Skin-net, New Dawn . . . the names are legion, but the message is essentially the same: hate in the guise of ‘protecting’ the white race.

Other forms of hate abound, too. Religion ‘x’ vs. religion ‘y’, country vs. country . . . it’s enough to give an optimist the shakes.

The World Wide Web is an inter-connection of countless points of view, and attempts to police it often come to naught. For the most part, hate Web sites are made manifiest only before those who are specifically looking for them; their numbers are small in comparision to the sheer magnitude of other extant sites. Chance contacts are certainly feasible, however.

The best protection against hate is education, and the perhaps-humbling realization that no-one is inherently superior to anyone else.

Teach your children well.

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Copyright © 1996, 2006 by John Rudzinski. Note the date the column was originally published; any links contained therein are probably outdated.

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