Net Sex II
(hennhaus: Hard Baud)

Originally published 11/21/1996

Net Sex II

Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion — at least until one’s credit limit is reached.

In New York City, as no doubt in other locations, there exist businesses which provide plexiglas-enclosed rooms with opaque sliding doors. Surrounding these rooms are dark, private booths with benches and token boxes. By seating one’s self and feeding the token box, the opaque door slides upwards, allowing full view of a gyrating nude woman. After a period of time, the sliding door falls, awaiting either another token or the next token-laden voyeur.

A similar scheme exists on the Internet, but instead of tokens, the coin of the realm is either one’s telephone bill or credit card — a scheme not dissimilar to that of phone sex, except live-action pictures are involved.

Real-time sound and photo animation is called multimedia — the backbone of most instructional computer CD-ROMs. The animation is no mystery: photos taken seconds apart are ‘drawn’ in the same place onto the computer screen. ‘Seamless’ animation is provided when a photo following the one being viewed is drawn on a video memory ‘page’ not yet being displayed.

For reasons that are difficult to discern, separate or combined erotic multimedia video and sound clips are regularly posted to the ‘Net, usually in newsgroups. They’re usually less than a half-minute long (compressed and encoded graphics take up considerable space, especially when animation is involved), and their content varies from soft-porn to subject matter that far transcends that within the Kama Sutra. ‘Live-action’ video is similar, but cannot be had in newsgroups; for this, several adult ‘Net sites have come online.

Last week, I mentioned ‘spam’, forms of unsolicited advertising that plague the ‘Net; this shouldn’t be confused here with the canned meat product that originated the word. ‘Spam’ is a major conduit for the advertising of adult sites, and consists of Internet addresses and/or ‘900’ or international phone numbers. It’s contained in many photos in the adult newsgroups, and its purpose is to direct adult netsurfers to the advertising sites.

Adult sites vary, of course. Some are repositories of erotic pictures and stories; some contain pre-recorded animated multimedia files; some, however, are the electronic equivalent to the aforementioned dank token-booths of New York City. By hooking up a video recording source to a frame-capturing card, for instance, one has the means — with appropriate software — to broadcast over an Internet server whatever the recorder’s lens is pointing at. Seated and lit by their monitors, those accessing these sites are little removed from token-booth denizens, save for one important factor: The cost of ‘live’ ‘Net sex at these sites is most likely considerably more than that of a booth token.

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