Another Friday

Last Friday was the 13th, and — while I don’t typically believe in such things as a specific date being intrinsically ‘bad’ — I have to concur that Friday, October 13th was pretty awful at work; I spent the entire day on a conference call with a bunch of other folks who were having an equally unpleasant day. 7-1/2 hours of conference call. Not recommended.

This Friday, alles ist guet. Go figure.

On the other hand, the news is fascinating.

1. The scales fall off George Bush’s eyes, and he sees the parallel ‘twixt Iraq and Viet Nam.

Oh. So that’s what everyone meant.

It was four years in coming. And what, pray, does the leader of the free world intend to do now that he can see clearly?

More of the same, ‘course. When you have a winning strategy, you stick to it, right?

Why he’d want to replicate America’s failure in SE Asia and concomitantly turn the US into pre-1939 Germany escapes rational analysis. Why he hasn’t been impeached escapes me. Given what prompted impeachment procedings for Mr Clinton, one can only assume Mr Bush has America’s blessing.

2. A lovesick teenaged girl decides to end it all by driving Daddy’s Mercedes into an oncoming car, killing the driver and injuring the occupant . . . the driver’s 6-year-old daughter. 16-year-old Louise Brunstad has — not surprisingly — been charged with murder; as she turned into oncoming traffic, she was texting a countdown to her anticipated death to the girl who’d rejected her.

That she’s gay is immaterial . . . that she killed someone in an effort to kill herself is unconscionable.

3. California’s women exhibitionists — and there’s at least one of ’em — no doubt hailed Superior Court Judge Robert Armstrong’s ruling that gender-specific text within the law means only male public nudity can be defined as indecent exposure. Subsequently, 40-year-old Alexis Garcia’s full frontal display before a 14-year-old boy (she had an issue with the noise his playing basketball made) didn’t break the law.

– – –

(Source: AP)