Blogger Poker Tour Event, the Fourth

Today at 4pm eastern, the fourth event of the esteemed Blogger Poker Tour takes place.

Yours Truly has been doing miserably on the tour, so much so that I hang my head in shame as I think about it.
I rattled this in after the second event (the first I’d participated in):

Well, it wasn’t looking too good for me with 3 queens and an ace kicker. We bet and bet, and my Estonian opponent needn’t have worried about having a weak kicker; having the other queen, he also had another card to make a full house.

I went out perhaps six or seven hands later with an A-2 going up against someone’s A-A. Yep. Ordinarily, an A-2 isn’t an all-in kind of thing, but when you’re down to 300 chips, it’s worth a shot. But not against pocket rockets.

There were 75 of us — I dropped like a stone at #72. Not my day.

However . . . today’s meeting of blogging poker nuts is being hosted by IronGirl, and she’s dubbed it the IronGirl’s Omaha a Go-Go.

This is good, y’see, ’cause I love Omaha. Perhaps I’ve a chance of making up for two awful outings (I missed one). Should you see any flying pigs this afternoon, you’ll know I pulled it off. 🙂