Diablo II LOD Error

I recently decided to resurrect Diablo II and its expansion pack. After installation to my laptop, however, this remarkably explicative error popped up:

Unrecoverable internal error 6f88c2af

Funny . . . it didn’t hurl obfuscation at me when I ran it on the desktop ‘way back when.

A visit to battle.net led to people with the same problem, but no immediate solution.

The issue is the video on my Thinkpad; despite the fact that both it and the Diablo II video test think it can handle DirectX 3D.

It can’t — at least, it can’t handle how LOD deals with the 3D.

Selecting 2D instead fixes the problem — whatever it is — and is a heckuva lot faster than uninstalling and reinstalling D2 and LOD (again).